Replica Watches with increased resistance to shock and vibration

G-SHOCK is inspired by the figure of samurai to create a high-end replica Rolex watches, the MRG-G1000B, with an elegant design and great resistance. Like the Japanese warrior, this robust high-end watch develops an important, virtually indestructible technical component, built into the premises of Global Time Sync./p>

Light and resistant, the titanium with which G-SHOCK replica watches executes the case and strap of the MRG-G1000B, has a DLC (Diamon Like Coating) coating - carbon and hydrogen - to guarantee maximum hardness and resistance to wear and scratches. Add resistance to shocks and vibrations with a G-SHOCK guarantee and a hermeticity of 200 m./p>

Hybrid technology: GPS and Wave Ceptor. Receive GPS signals and radio waves for an accurate time calibration that determines the time anywhere in the world. Global Time Sync, concept developed and improved by G-SHOCK since 2014. Smart Access technology. Airplane mode. Tough Movement technology replica watches that checks the position of the /p>hands to prevent deviations from the correct time.

World time function, the current time can be displayed simultaneously in two different time zones. Stop function - 1 / 20sec - 24 hours. Crown backup button./p>